Hawaii Weddings At Pukalani Falls

The Magical Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Garden

Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Garden is ultimate story book location for weddings in Hawaii. In Hawaiian, Pukalani means “Gateway to Heaven”. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. So let the photos of these fairytale Hawaii weddings speak for themselves. In our Photo Gallery, check out Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Garden. This magnificent falls is surrounded by numerous varieties of exotic fruit trees, tropical flowers, palms, bamboos and other Hawaiian plants. It is truly a tropical wonderland for Hawaii weddings. For example there are bananas, papayas, guavas, mangos, coconuts, orchids, passion fruit… and the list goes on. Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Garden is literally a bride and groom’s “Dream Come True”.

Tropical Water Garden

When you first enter this Hawaii wedding dreamland through the ornate teak and copper gates, the first words out of your mouth will be something like “Wow” or “Oh my God”. You will have just entered the tropical water garden which is almost a psychedelic experience. You will know immediately why this is the Mecca for weddings in Hawaii. Two separate bubbling brooks flow into a tropical water garden which is literally teaming with brightly colored Koi fish and colorful water lilies. The Koi are very personable and genuinely enjoy being present at our Hawaii weddings. Koi have been revered in eastern cultures for centuries. They are a symbol of long life, virility and nonviolence. Koi have been known to live in excess of 225 years and they can bear literally millions of young. Consequently, as part of our Hawaii weddings, those couples who are so inclined, ring the dinner bell to call the Koi – and feed them their dinner.

Hawaii Weddings and Privacy

Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Garden is totally private. Rest assured, there will never be a busload of over zealous tourists arriving to spoil these most intimate Weddings in Hawaii. We are practically like “Hawaii Wedding Cops”, securing the privacy of our Hawaii weddings. It seems like our Japanese tourists have developed some kind of special radar for seeking out weddings in Hawai – in progress. Just as you are about to make your sacred Hawaii wedding vows, how would you like to glance over and see a mad pack of these intruders looking on. Picture them with all their electronic gizmos aimed directly at you, intent on adding your mug to their cherished prize of “Weddings in Hawaii”, caught on film. If you find this attractive, try any of the public venues like parks and hotels etc. You’re sure to find some of the McWedding companies are arranging their fast-food brand of “Weddings in Hawaii”. At Pukalani Falls Garden, the privacy of our Hawaii weddings is a sure deal!

Exotic Parrots Attend our Hawaii Weddings

What garden wedding in Hawaii would be complete without beautiful parrots? Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Garden is the home of several gorgeous parrots sporting iridescent red, blue, green, orange and yellow colors. Yes, our parrots talk and love posing with the bride and groom. This adds a nice splash on humor in our Hawaii Weddings photographs and videos. Our most rascal parrot A.J., likes to partake in our Hawaii weddings by drinking from our couples toasting glass.

Natural Hawaii Wedding Music at Pukalani Falls

Most Hawaii weddings begin with playing the usual corny “Here comes the Bride”. At Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Garden your background music is the enchanting sounds of the waterfall and the cooing of the wild Hawaiian doves living in our garden. They are our official Hawaii wedding singers. Face it, how many times can you listen to “Here comes the Bride” before you need some Excedrin?

Mix Your Waterfall and Hawaii Beach Wedding Photos

To add to all this beauty of our weddings in Hawaii, directly across the road from the Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Garden, are the spectacular white sand beaches of Angels Bay. After photographing and perhaps videotaping lots of cool footage at the falls, our couples often like to take a stroll over to the beach for additional magic photo opportunities. This adds even more unbelievable variety to their weddings in Hawaii.

Your Actual Hawaii Wedding Ceremony Can Take Place at the Falls or on the Beach – Your Choice

Depending on the spontaneity of your mood, you can choose either the garden or the beach for your dream come true Hawaii wedding ceremony!

Pukalani Falls Hobbit House

Nestled within the magical Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Gardens is the Amazing Hobbit House. This is the abode where Capt. Howie and Deva reside. This adds even more spectacular photo opportunities for our waterfall garden weddings in Hawaii. In the unlikely event of rain we often perform our Hawaii weddings on the veranda overlooking Pukalani Falls or inside the Hobbit House, within a huge atrium with the doors open to the outside Hawaii wedding gardens. If you know anything about Murphy’s Law, it never hurts to have a backup plan for rain… even when planning weddings in Hawaii.

Captain Howie’s Top Pick for Hawaii Weddings

There is no setting for weddings in Hawaii that offers a more extensive variety of exotic tropical scenery. The combination of the spectacular Pukalani Falls itself, the breathtaking tropical water garden and all the other exotic gardens in between, make Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Gardens the ultimate setting for weddings in Hawaii. If you are considering a waterfall garden for Hawaii weddings, trust the ol’ Captain… it doesn’t get any more magical than Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Garden. It’s really a “no brainer”!