Captain Howie’s Hawaii Sea Wedding

Adventurous Catamaran Weddings – $795.00

Our romantic “Hawaii Weddings at Sea” include a 3-hour private cruise aboard either our traditional 56′ teak sailing ship, Lotus Flower, or one of our other world class sailing yachts. This includes a private vessel skippered by a licensed USCG captain, performance of your ceremony along with an audio CD recording, a sparkling cider toast, as well as a beautiful “Married at Sea in Hawaii” certificate. Typically, we set sail approximately two hours prior to sunset, departing from Sand Island, in Honolulu. Our usual destination is Hawaii’s off-shore Waikiki-Diamond Head coral reef area, depending on sea conditions. The ceremony is usually performed at sunset, sailing back to the harbor under a star-filled sky. It is not unusual to see dolphins sporting about anytime of the year. In our winter season, December-April, it is very common the see the humpback whales that have migrated to our warm Hawaiian waters to both breed and bear their calves.

Rev./Capt. Howie’s Hawaiian Weddings – A Bit to the Left

Perhaps you’re looking for a wedding in Hawaii that is way out of the ordinary, or even just an outrageous activity while you are visiting our islands for your Hawaii wedding. If so, picture yourself with Capt. Howie sailing off to a distant secluded beach or offshore island aboard a lightning fast catamaran with beautiful rainbow colored sails. Check out, Capt. Howie’s Extreme Catamaran Weddings and Tours.

Rev./Capt. Howie’s Hawaiian Weddings – A Bit to the Left

Tying the knot under sail is a great choice for those couples romantically attracted to the sea. Being the most isolated island chain on the planet, our crystal clear Hawaiian waters are literally unsurpassed. Having your Hawaiian wedding performed while sailing along in our heavenly paradise always inspires profoundly meaningful metaphors. For example, marriage can be seen as the greatest voyage of all, navigating the celestial waters in the sea of love. However, be ye forewarned – sometimes the sea can become unpredictable, and from time to time the winds may blow a gale. But in either case, we must always stay the course and know that it often takes an “all hands on deck” effort to pilot the vessel of marriage safely through the Divine Sea of Love. It is important to always remember that trying times are not necessarily a bad thing. For as we often say in the world of mariners… “Smooth Seas don’t make Seasoned Sailors”