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Casey and Chuck had the most beautiful Hawaiian Wedding


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Getting Married in Hawaii with Lorena and Alan


Carla & Julio – Sun Prairie, WI – Wedding at Magical Pukalani Falls


We want to send a big “mahalo” to all the staff at Above Heavens Gate for making our wedding day just as we had always dreamed it would be! Carla & Julio September 2014

Aloha Captain Howie & Team,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding day special and memorable! Julio and I met on in 2010 and wanted to get married in Hawaii. When I viewed videos of Captain Howie, I was drawn to his sincere commitment, devotion, and the enthusiasm he processes for his profession.

When we arrived at Pukalani Falls Garden, we found the setting peaceful, beautiful, and completely magical.  We felt at ease and very comfortable with Fern, and are extremely happy with all of our photographs.  Fern is from Argentina and Julio is from Uruguay, S. America, so they had plenty to talk about.  The cake and the flowers were outstanding and went above our expectations! Sara was always so kind, polite, knowledgeable, and patient with us!

Captain Howie is a true gem and an awesome communicator! He allowed us to relax and focus on our deep love for one another.  He emphasized how the commitment we were making should last a lifetime, and how we must be there for each other – forever.   We were extremely at peace and are now devoted to our vows for the rest of our lives. His professionalism and love for his work permeates every cell in your body. He is capable of guiding you to completely engage your mind, body and soul to become one… during one of the most important and unforgettable days of your life.

We want to send a big “mahalo” to all the staff at Above Heavens Gate for making our wedding day just as we had always dreamed it would be!

Love to you all… great job!!!!


Julio and Carla Almeida

Married Sept. 15th 2014


Barb & Martie – Edmonton, AB, CANADA – Married by Capt. Howie

004HawaiiWaterfallBeachWedding16398De Geer

“Capt. Howie is a remarkable human being- he radiates so much love.” Barb & Martie, Wed in Hawaii, July 5th, 2014

We are extremely confident that anyone looking to book a wedding at Above Heaven’s Gate will be as pleased and happy as we are.  Capt Howie and his team made sure our day was everything that we wanted and more. Unless you know the island well, we recommend the limo. The driver promptly picked us up at our hotel in Waikiki, and we had an enjoyable ride to Capt. Howie’s place.  Once there, an assistant took me to have my hair and make up done while my husband relaxed in the most beautiful surroundings of Capt. Howie’s back yard. The hair and makeup artist, Wade, is very friendly and interesting. He kept me entertained with stories that soothed my nerves. And, by the way, he did a fantastic job. The photographer, Piloni, also did a fantastic job! When I first saw our pictures, I was taken back wondering if that was really us. Piloni was very flexible and took every pose that I wanted. He was very patient working with us old people with frozen smiles. Simply put, he made us laugh!  We were also very surprised to receive a coffee table book of our pictures.  People that we have shown it to can’t believe how beautiful our pictures are! Capt. Howie is the most remarkable human being. Never before in our lives have we met a man that radiates so much love!  We could feel it in our hearts. His interpretation of God and the soul were so powerful!   Capt. Howie truly is the most wonderful, caring person I have met in a very long time. His ceremony was very touching.
This is the place to be married if you want no stress.  Everything was done as we wanted, with just a simple phone call and a few emails. Pukalani Falls Garden is beautiful, the beach is spectacular, and Capt. Howie and his staff are the warmest and most accommodating people. If you are eloping or planning a small wedding, Above Heaven’s Gate is the place to be! We highly recommend this service and location to anyone.

Warmest regards,
Barb and Martie DeGeer

Married July 5th 2014


Cathy & Crescent – West Sacramento, CA – Hawaii Wedding


“Our Sunrise Beach Wedding was a dream.” Cathy & Crescent September 10th, 2014

Dear Captain Howie,


I started looking for Hawaii wedding venues two years ago, but from the moment I found your website and spoke with you directly I knew no one else would do.   It took two years, but we finally had our Pukalani Falls/Angels Bay wedding! From the moment we saw you at 4:00 a.m. waiting for us in front of the Hobbit House, your sarong blowing gently in the breeze, it was amazing! Our sunrise wedding was a dream.


The best decision we made was opting for the Treasure Chest Package – every single detail was taken care of just beautifully! I had read many rave reviews about Wade’s hair and makeup, and it is all true. He not only did an incredible job, he was sweet and kind and interesting and I loved him!


All of the flowers featured on the website are pretty and I was having the hardest time deciding. Thank you, Sara, for your suggestion of a short cascading bouquet with white orchids, purple orchids and yellow plumerias. It was absolutely gorgeous! Ordering the matching haku was perfect. I loved it so much I wore it for two more days on our honeymoon! Cres really liked his Cooke Isle Maile lei… very elegant. It dried beautifully and we brought it home!


Captain Howie, you say in your video that the cakes are delicious and I am sorry but that is just an understatement. We ordered the lilikoi and it was the best cake we have ever had! We enjoyed it during our honeymoon and still had enough left to pack up and bring home. I would say to everyone “don’t miss out on the cake!”


We had been to the beach at Waimanalo/Angels Bay previously, and it is breathtaking. Our wedding-day sunrise on the beach was every bit as awesome as we had hoped it would be, but we also appreciated knowing that you had a contingency plan in case of rain! And Pukalani Falls? The grounds were more incredible than we had imagined. Our waterfall and garden photos are stunning! We opted for reciting our vows on the beach and that was great, but in hindsight having the ceremony at the incredible Pukalani Falls would have been a bit more private and quiet. We would have also had our beach photos, of course, but would have been better able to hear the music of the wonderful guitarist we added to our package! Still, deciding between Hawaiian guitar music and the sounds of the surf is a pretty tough choice


The highlights video is a gem. We love it, our family loved it, and it will bring us joy for years and years to come! Thank you Fernando and Marty for the photo and video magic. It is no small thing to have the copyright release included with your package. Many photographers and most of the wedding venues in Las Vegas, for example, charge extra for the release and/or you have to buy your photos through them. With the release you provided I was able to go to my favorite camera shop and order quality prints in whatever size and quantity I wanted!


Finally, Sara and Jodi were just beyond wonderful to work with. When we finally met them in person it was like being with family! We also enjoyed your lovely wife Deva, the parrots, and the cats. And to you, Captain Howie, we offer our extra special thanks for the words and thoughts you offered during our wedding ceremony, as well as those you shared at our goodbye. You were worth the wait and we will never forget you.


For all the joy you bring to others, we wish all of you at Above Heaven’s Gate continued health and happiness all the days of your lives.



Crescent and Cathy Cavanaugh

Married September 10th 2014


Yuxi & Xiang – Shanghai CHINA – Married in Hawaii


“Thank you for making our Hawaiian Wedding dreams come true.” Yuxi & Xiang – June 27th, 2014 Hawaii Beach Wedding

Dear Captain Howie & Staff,
Thank you a lot for making our Hawaiian Wedding dreams come true. After deciding to get married in Hawaii, we started searching for a wedding organizer on the internet. Your slogan, “we’re not everyone,” and so many testimonials really caught our eyes. Then we had our initial conversation by phone in the very early morning in Hawaii, which was late night in Shanghai. With your great support, we didn’t have to worry too much about planning a wedding at a location thousands of kilometers away from us.
We are grateful for the wonderful spiritual ceremony. We could feel that Captain Howie was trying to understand us and delivered a unique ceremony that touched our hearts. Captain Howie talked to us at a very slow pace, in order to make sure we completely understood every English word.
We highly recommend Above Heaven’s Gate to everyone who wants to experience a unique wedding. The location is beautiful and the staff is wonderful. Thank you again for the amazing experience!
With love and best wishes,
Yuxi and Xiang
Married June 27th 2014


Danielle & Ty – Coos Bay, OR – Wedding in Hawaii


“Our wedding was perfect!” Danielle & Ty, May 28th, Angels Bay.

Dear Capt. Howie & Team,

Thank you so much for everyone’s hard work and time to make our wedding amazing.  We appreciate your efforts to fix the mistake with the photo book company. Our album turned out beautifully.

It was so incredible to be able to speak to Captain Howie and the team and feel at ease during the planning process. We were confident that everything would be wonderful and we were right.  From the cake and flowers to the stylist and photos, our wedding was perfect!

I never thought the process could be so stress-free.  I was able to focus on the most important thing, marrying the man of my dreams.

Thank you so much for all the amazing work every member of the team performed. And, I have to say an extra special thanks to the gentleman who did my hair and makeup! You made me feel so beautiful on our big day.  Also, I’d like to say a special thanks to the photographer.  My dad is a photographer and he is very much a perfectionist; he thinks the photos are incredible :)

Thank you to all of you!

Danielle & Ty Volin
Married May 28th 2014


Lina & Willy – College Point, NY – Hawaii Beach Wedding



Unforgettable moments by the turquoise waters of Angels Bay. Lina & Willy’s Hawaii Beach Wedding

Dear Capt. Howie and the Gang,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all so deeply for the unforgettable moments spent during our wedding ceremony at Angel’s Bay this past June 7th, 2014. From the moment we entered the enchanting white sands of Angel’s Bay and captured the view of the turquoise waters, we knew that our ultimate dreams had come true! The entire process, from day 1 to the actual moment when you said: “ You may kiss the bride”, was as smooth as the white sands beneath our feet. We would like to give a big shout out to you of course, for making this dream come true, and the following team members…

Jodi & Crew: For helping us throughout the planning stages of our wedding – questions/emails were answered promptly and thoroughly.

Make-up/Hair Stylist: For a fantastic job done! My wife’s hair and makeup were captivating!

Photographer: Fantastic job done on our photo package – very experienced and courteous.

Videographer: Amazing job! HD quality and Sound! Highly recommended, thank you!

Musician: High quality, very articulate and professional musician- The Hawaiian songs were a true compliment
to our dream beach wedding – our favorite, “My Little Grass Shack.”

Captain Howie: We would not have been able to do this without our love, you, and your wonderful team. Our friends and family from New York and Colombia all agree on your level of commitment and professionalism during our wedding.  Your words during our ceremony were beautiful! Thank you!


Lina & Willy Serrano
Married June 7th 2014


Trina & Oliver – Freeport, NY – Vow Renewal in Hawaii



A “dream come true” for Trina & Oliver’s Hawaii Vow Renewal.

Dear Rev. Captain Howie & The Gang:

We want to say “THANK YOU”!!!

ALL of you made our renewal of vows a dream come true.  It was everything I wanted my wedding to be (since we went to the justice of peace initially).  Everything was perfect from the flowers to the ceremony! We are still blown away with the entire experience at Above Heaven’s Gate.

Our day at Pukalani Falls Garden started with being greeted by Rev. Captain Howie, who led us to Wade, the hair and make up artist (magic man). Wade was very comforting while performing his magic to make me into the most beautiful women right before my husband’s eyes.

The photographer, Fern, did an amazing job capturing the emotions of love my husband and I expressed silently toward each other in every picture. His directions were easy to follow, and made the experience enjoyable.

The videographer, Marty, did an outstanding job with the highlights video. We’ve watched it at least 3 times a day since we received the DVD. This part of the video made it easy to share our wedding with our family and friends.  Big Hit! Love It!

The ceremony, Oh My God! The spirituality and blessings that we received from Rev. Captain Howie during our ceremony were heartfelt and moved us emotionally.  We hung on his every word and with each blessing we felt a new chapter in our life beginning. Thank you again.

We would be remiss if we did not thank Sara, whose expertise as a wedding planner helped us to choose the wedding arrangements that fit our needs.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect day!

We just want to tell anybody who may be contemplating having their ceremony performed by Rev. Capt. Howie that the first thing we did when we got home was to advise our unmarried children to get married with Above Heavens Gate, and that is the biggest compliment we could give to their wonderful team. See you in ten years!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Laurie
Vows Renewed Aug. 20th 2014


Jade & Andrew – Western AUSTRALIA – Destination Wedding Hawaii


Jade & Andrew will never forget their meaningful day at Pukalani Falls and Angels Bay with Capt. Howie in Hawaii

Aloha Everyone!

We have so much to say thank you for, it would most likely fill a book! First off, thank you for making our special day that much more meaningful; being that we didn’t have any family or friends there, you all felt like family to us and it warms my heart to know that, even on the other side of the world, there are people who are willing to make others feel at home.

Our day started off kind of upsetting as we didn’t have anyone there with us to witness our ceremony, but that all changed the moment we were welcomed at the gate by the warmest smile and kindest heart, Wade. It just put all the things we were upset about in the past and we knew our day was going to be amazing. Walking through your gates, Howie, was absolutely breathtaking! We have never seen a place so beautiful and serene. We will never forget what Pukalani Falls Garden looks like because it is a permanent video in our minds.

Wade did an amazing job with my hair and makeup. With no trials or anything, he knew exactly how to make me look stunning. I can’t even make myself look that good! I felt like I had known him forever and his company made me feel at peace.

Sara, even though we didn’t get to meet you, we want to say thank you. Thank you for organizing everything. You did everything perfectly and we couldn’t have been happier. My flowers were better than what I ever imagined and I still can’t get the smell of the pikake flower out of my senses; they were heavenly!

Our photographer and videographer were amazing and our photos and video… wow, they are amazing! We were speechless when they arrived the other day! I (Jade) must admit, I cried and cried. They are beyond brilliant! Marty and Piloni are both extremely talented and we are so pleased they captured our day.

The moment we met you, Howie, it felt like you were a family member! You have a spirit that just draws people in and warms their souls. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! You are a one-of-a-kind soul, and also cheeky. Our ceremony was perfect and when you spoke it felt like someone was wrapping a warm soft blanket around our shoulders and protecting us from all the upsetting things going on in our family and in the world.

Your home is honestly unbelievable! I never knew homes that beautiful existed, but they do and you have created your own heaven. Howie, I want you to know how special you are; you didn’t only marry my soul mate and I, you gave me a new sense of being, the way you spoke made my heart and soul feel pure again. I left your home feeling completely whole.

There is no way to thank you all enough!  We love you all

Lots of love from Jade and Andrew Kemp
Married Aug. 23rd 2014


Ofelia & Larry – Denver, CO – Hawaii Vow Renewal

hawaii vow renewal

Ofelia and Larry at their 21st Vow Renewal enjoying a beautiful Hawaiian Sunrise. Congratulations!

Greetings Captain Howie,

Hope all is well!  Also, just wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful wedding arrangements you and your staff provided Ofelia and I and to let you know that we’ve authored the following review (below) on Wedding Wire as promised.  It was certainly a pleasure to meet you and the staff and we hope to visit Hawaii once again where we will most certainly stop by to visit.

Our best wishes,

Larry and Ofelia

Testimonial Below

Captain Howie and his professional staff at Above Heaven’s Gate made our vow renewal ceremony absolutely perfect!  Our dream of a flawless and magical Hawaiian wedding came true thanks to the great coordination and attention to detail provided by Captain Howie, Sara, Jodi, Piloni and many others at Above Heaven’s Gate.  We will forever be grateful.

The hair and makeup, cake, and especially the flowers exceeded our expectations!  Everything was perfect!  In addition, we have never seen such a beautiful place, where our ceremony was held, that compares to Pukalani Falls!  This garden and waterfall scenery is absolutely stunning!
Most importantly, the ceremony itself was like no other.  Captain Howie, with his unique style and genuine sincerity, performed a ceremony that we will treasure forever.  It touched our hearts and souls and at one point we couldn’t help but shed tears of joy during the event.

Above Heaven’s Gate went above and beyond to make our wedding day special, unique, and memorable in every way.  I had no idea that just six months earlier, when I made the initial call and spoke to Captain Howie, that they would make sure the entire process was stress-free for the two of us.

We will treasure our video and photos for the rest of our lives and be thanking our friends at Above Heaven’s Gate for helping put together such an incredible day. Given our wonderful experience, we will be highly recommending Above Heaven’s Gate to everyone we know who has wedding plans in their future.

Our heartfelt thanks to Captain Howie and all the staff at Above Heaven’s Gate!

Larry & Ofelia
Denver, CO
Vows Renewed on Sept. 5th 2014