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Casey and Chuck had the most beautiful Hawaiian Wedding


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Getting Married in Hawaii with Lorena and Alan


Ofelia & Larry – Denver, CO – Hawaii Vow Renewal

hawaii vow renewal

Ofelia and Larry at their 21st Vow Renewal enjoying a beautiful Hawaiian Sunrise. Congratulations!

Greetings Captain Howie,

Hope all is well!  Also, just wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful wedding arrangements you and your staff provided Ofelia and I and to let you know that we’ve authored the following review (below) on Wedding Wire as promised.  It was certainly a pleasure to meet you and the staff and we hope to visit Hawaii once again where we will most certainly stop by to visit.

Our best wishes,

Larry and Ofelia

Testimonial Below

Captain Howie and his professional staff at Above Heaven’s Gate made our vow renewal ceremony absolutely perfect!  Our dream of a flawless and magical Hawaiian wedding came true thanks to the great coordination and attention to detail provided by Captain Howie, Sara, Jodi, Piloni and many others at Above Heaven’s Gate.  We will forever be grateful.

The hair and makeup, cake, and especially the flowers exceeded our expectations!  Everything was perfect!  In addition, we have never seen such a beautiful place, where our ceremony was held, that compares to Pukalani Falls!  This garden and waterfall scenery is absolutely stunning!
Most importantly, the ceremony itself was like no other.  Captain Howie, with his unique style and genuine sincerity, performed a ceremony that we will treasure forever.  It touched our hearts and souls and at one point we couldn’t help but shed tears of joy during the event.

Above Heaven’s Gate went above and beyond to make our wedding day special, unique, and memorable in every way.  I had no idea that just six months earlier, when I made the initial call and spoke to Captain Howie, that they would make sure the entire process was stress-free for the two of us.

We will treasure our video and photos for the rest of our lives and be thanking our friends at Above Heaven’s Gate for helping put together such an incredible day. Given our wonderful experience, we will be highly recommending Above Heaven’s Gate to everyone we know who has wedding plans in their future.

Our heartfelt thanks to Captain Howie and all the staff at Above Heaven’s Gate!

Larry & Ofelia
Denver, CO
Vows Renewed on Sept. 5th 2014


Frank and Katrina Beham – Sligo, Pennsylvania – Wedding Hawaii


Katrina and Frank sitting on a catamaran at Angels Bay Beach.


Captain Howie married us on May 13th at Angels Bay Beach. It was definitely our dream come true wedding. Absolutely gorgeous! We were very pleased with the package we got, the “Rainbow” Beach Wedding. Everything went very smoothly on our special day. Our pictures and video were amazing! They will be memories we cherish forever. We would recommend Above Heaven’s Gate to anyone.

Thanks for such a wonderful Hawaiian wedding experience!

Frank and Katrina Beham
Married May 13th 2014


Natalie & Miles Kirkley – Fate, Texas – Hawaii Wedding

hawaii wedding at Angels Bay

Just wed by Captain Howie, Natalie and Miles embrace in ecstasy!

Aloha from Fate Texas,

Wow, our Hawaii wedding day was absolutely perfect! We came all the way from Fate Texas and we had high expectations. Our expectations were exceeded! We had a sunrise wedding so my appointment with the stylist was at 4am. Everyone greeted me with a warm welcome. My hair and make up turned out beautifully, the scenery was breathtaking, Captain Howie and all staff made my day exactly as I had imagined.

Natalie & Miles Kirkley
Married June 13th 2014


Melissa and Michael Platt – Dunelin, Florida – Hawaii Wedding Services


Michael holding Melissa at Angels Bay on the Isle of Oahu in Hawaii

Dear Captain Howie and Staff,

Sorry it took a little time to extend my gratitude to you and your wonderful staff.  I will say you have the most extraordinary sanctuary and provide a service to couples alike to share in one of the most memorable moments in one’s life.  When I found your website, I scoured through every link, every photo to find the “gotcha” tag but there was none.  Your honesty and simplicity was a great find, as many other Hawaii wedding services entailed so many moving parts.  From the first call to arriving on our wedding day, you and your staff have been ready to answer questions, phone calls, and emails.  We send a special “thank you” to Jodi and Sara for making the planning process of a Hawaiian wedding a stress-free reality.

Now for the wedding day, I could not thank you, Wade and your wonderful photographer enough!  Each one of you had a special impact on us that day.  Wade not only made me feel at ease with conversation about our love of food, he also made me look and feel beautiful.  When I had no plan, he got right down to business and produced a masterpiece.  I never felt so beautiful in my entire life. The photographer, Piloni, made us feel like supermodels and let us sneak a peek at a few of the shots. This man knows his craft!  Lastly, Capt. Howie, thank you for taking the time to get to know us and delivering such an amazing, heart felt ceremony. You hit the nail right on the head with every word, you even got the groom a little teary eyed!

Pukalani Falls, the Hobbit House, and Angel’s Bay cannot be compared and provided the most romantic, peaceful, and serine setting any bride could hope for.  I could not imagine getting married anywhere else.  Mahalo for the wonderful memories!

Melissa and Michael
Married June 13th 2014


Amy & Christopher Adams – Fairbanks, Alaska – Hawaiian Wedding

hawaii wedding at pukalani falls garden

Amy and Christopher at Pukalani Falls

Hello Capt. Howie and everyone and Above Heaven’s Gate,

We wanted to take a moment to write y’all a little note of thanks for all that you did. Everything from the hair and makeup to the pictures and ceremony was amazing. We felt welcome from the very beginning, when we first talked on the phone, to when we met in Hawaii. It definitely helped to have someone else do everything so my husband and I could enjoy a less stressful day.

Our wedding in Hawaii was beautiful thanks to the help of Capt. Howie and everyone at Above Heaven’s Gate!!!

Amy & Christopher Adams

Married June 21st 2014


Kristin and Tim Dortch – Lawrenceville, GA – Weddings Hawaii

weddings hawaii

Kristin and Tim from Brookfield Wisconson with Captain Howie, flashing a “Shaka” (Hawaiian for, Hang Loose) at Pukalani Falls. Kristin and Tim were married on May 14th 2014.

Dear Captain Howie and the gang,

Thank you for making our Hawaii wedding such an amazing experience! We could not be happier with our celebration. Our first contact with Above Heaven’s Gate came about a year and a half ago when we decided that Captain Howie was the one we wanted to marry us. We talked to their amazing staff and set up the date we wanted, May 14, 2014. What I love about Above Heaven’s Gate is that they are there to answer any questions about your wedding and provide input! My husband and I wanted a relaxing day with no stress, and Captain Howie and his gang sure delivered! As a nursing student, I did not want to worry about anything with the planning. So, I reviewed the options, was able to make tweaks to the flowers etc, and everything was set – no stress

We decided to apply for our marriage license before we got to Hawaii. Everything was on Howie’s website, so it was incredibly easy! The day before the wedding, we went to the health department and got our license. Once the big day arrived, we were greeted with a HUGE limo! When we got to Pukalani Falls Garden, Captain Howie and his staff, who were all lovely, greeted us. They gave us our leis and my bouquet. We could not have been happier with the flowers. We decided to get married at Pukalani Falls, and also take pictures, at Angels Bay Beach, and in the Hobbit House. All locations were amazingly beautiful! The photographer, Fern, and videographer, Marty, were great as well! The ceremony itself was fantastic. Howie made personal touches to it, and we could not have asked for anything more!

We are so happy with everything and cannot wait to show our pictures and video of the ceremony with our family members! We hope one day to go back and have our vows renewed at Above Heaven’s Gate
Married May 14th 2014


Anna Liza & Fredy Luna – Chatsworth, California – Weddings Hawaii

Anna, Fredy and the gang listening to Captain Howie blow the Hawaiian Conch shell.

Dear Capt. Howie,

We apologize for the late reply but wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful experience we had with you all.  You made our wedding in Hawaii a flawless DREAM! We couldn’t have asked for more.

From the makeup artist, photographer, our flowers, to the remarkable setting and attention to detail, everything was exceptional. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Thank you for the wonderful spiritual ceremony, full of love, Captain Howie. We couldn’t be more grateful.

We highly recommend Captain Howie’s service to anyone out there in search of a dream Hawaiian wedding.

With love always,

Anna Liza & Fredy Luna
Married Oct. 7th 2013


Mary and Kevin Appelbaum – Barnhart, Missouri – Oahu Beach Wedding

Mary and Kevin had their Hawaii beach wedding with Capt. Howie. Here they are sitting on the warm golden sand at Angels Bay Beach.

Dear Captain Howie and Staff,

Kevin and I could not have been more pleased with our Hawaii wedding, and everything that you and your staff did for us on June 4, 2014. The day was perfect and we could not have asked for a better wedding.

Planning a wedding in Hawaii was so easy and your staff was like a dream to work with. Anything that I had a question about, I was able to call up and your staff was always there to answer my questions and ease my mind.

When we arrived on the big day, everything fell into place. Wade, the stylist, was AMAZING and was wonderful to get to know. He eased my mind when I was getting nervous and made me laugh. The photographer, Piloni, was there to do anything we wanted and do a fantastic job as well. Pictures on the beach were all that I wanted for my wedding and I was so happy with everything.

Captain Howie’s Hawaiian wedding ceremony was perfect and we loved how it was personalized for us. All in all, our wedding in Hawaii was more then I could have ever dreamed of and was stress-free because of you and your WONDERFUL staff at Above Heaven’s Gate

Mary and Kevin Appelbaum

Married June 4th 2014


Glen & Yuri Piskula – Tucson, Arizona – A Sunset Wedding in Hawaii

At Pirates, Yuri and Glen reflect just after their sunset wedding in Hawaii

One of the Most Memorable Experiences of Our Lives!

My wife and I used Above Heaven’s Gate on Oahu to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary by arranging a Hawaii vow renewal service.  We opted for Captain Howie’s and his crew to commemorate the occasion because our first ceremony 10 years prior was rife with issues, we lacked good record (i.e. photos and film), and because a gaudy piece of jewelry seems so trite to celebrate the precious time shared between two people still in love.  I’m glad we did, because it turned out to be both picturesque and memorable beyond imagination!

Let me begin by mentioning that we decided upon the “Sunset at Pirate’s Cove” package with some modifications, including videography.  The sunset location has many advantages.  There’s an oceanic cliff upon which the waves crash, creating a rhythmically calming sound; there’s a small but remarkable sandy beach; and, there’s a massive wall of black volcanic rocks off to the left of the beach.  The photographer (Fernando), who’s not only exceedingly kind but also very patient, guided us over these various surfaces to make sure we took full advantage of all that the location had to offer.  I particularly love the shot of my wife in her white dress against the contrasting backdrop of the volcanic rocks, the sea calmly folding in behind her.  On the matter of the photography, we were both exceedingly impressed with the professionalism of Fernando’s demeanor as well as his product.  The photos were beautiful beyond description. We will cherish them for a lifetime!

The ceremony was brief and thoughtful.  Rev. Rich blended a combination of Hawaiian prayers, commentary about the naturalistic surroundings, and allusions to our 10 years together as both a checkpoint and a launching point as we head out into the uncertain waters of the future.  These words resonated deeply with us. As the ceremony winded down, we spoke our renewed words of commitment to one another, exchanged rings, and felt a powerful renewal of our shared bond.

I’ve always laughed at the idea of tears of happiness but I felt them that evening as the sun set upon ten years passed together, while starring out at the horizon of changes to come.  So much of the symbolism spoken that day and even the symbolism embedded within the location itself were moving.  It seems cliché to type, but we awoke the following morning like newlyweds, bonds strengthened and passion renewed.  Rev. Rich, Fernando, and the videographer (Marty) all contributed to this atmosphere of happy celebration.  Somehow, “thank you” doesn’t seem sufficient to express our gratitude… so we said, “Mahalo!”.

I can also say that Sara, Howie’s Hawaii wedding planner, was very concise with the help she gave in arranging the right package and answering our questions, of which we had many.  The makeup artist, Fe, (and I mean Artist with a capital “A”) was just wonderful to be around.  She was cheerfully chatty, had great recommendations for dining in the area, and was kind in her technique. In brief, she was so professional and she turned my wife from a beautiful woman into a model.  Each time we look back at those pictures, I still lose my breath in awe.  The videographer, though hardly a known presence during the photo shoot, produced a spectacular video that we can’t seem to stop watching since we received it in the mail.

In sum, this experience turned out to be a wonderful record and an even more precious memory, one that we will recall with great nostalgia as we move into the consecutive stages of life and marital companionship.  To anyone who’s planning on getting married soon, or to those who are looking to renew their cherished bonds, my wife and I both highly recommend Above Heaven’s Gate for the occasion.  Thanks so much to Captain Howie and everyone at Above Heaven’s Gate!

Glen & Yuri Piskula

Vows Renewed May 20th 2014