Many brides (and grooms) dream of destination Hawaii weddings. However, planning a wedding in a far-away location can be difficult and stressful, especially if you have never visited Hawaii before. At Hawaii Weddings, we have a few basic strategies that will help you ensure your dream becomes a reality, without all of the stress and headache.

Do you want to join together with your significant other on Oahu, in Maui, or some other location? Are you dreaming of a beach or waterfall wedding, or getting married at sea? If you’ve never been to our magnificent state, the choices can be overwhelming. Go online and perform a little research so that you know which island is best in terms of the amenities you want. If you have vacationed in Hawaii in the past, you may be familiar with various resorts, beaches, hotels, and other potential venues. Thorough research is essential to having your dream wedding become a reality!

Hire a wedding planner if it’s within your budget. Let’s face it – planning a wedding that will be held thousands of miles away from home is a huge undertaking. You may not be satisfied after contacting the initial resort, or you may wonder about the costs involved in having 50 or 75 close friends and family members attend your wedding. Many today choose a wedding package with their own budget in mind, from the most basic and simple to extravagant. You can also add on certain amenities to basic packages so that you enjoy the wedding you’ve dreamed on without breaking your bank account.

Think about your guests. If possible, pick your wedding date well in advance (about a year) so that guests can budget for the trip. It’s also a good idea to set up a website for your wedding so that guests can have easy access to all of the details including the venue, date, tips for booking flights and hotels to save money, and any information you may get on group rates, lodging options, rental cars, etc. Guests really appreciate your efforts in keeping them informed and helping them save as much as possible.

When choosing a wedding package or planner in Hawaii, be sure your priorities are understood. It’s impossible to have a sunset wedding on the beach if a particular beach doesn’t face to the west! Find out where the sun sets in relation to your venue, and also keep in mind that some months are rainier than others on certain islands. Also be aware of the fact that you may have an unwanted guest or two at a beach wedding, as the majority of beaches in Hawaii are open to the public. Many brides and grooms don’t mind the extra attention; however, if you’re set on complete privacy, keep this in mind.

Sure, it may be easier to simply get married in the town you live in – but will you enjoy a romantic setting; the wedding of your dreams that you and your partner will remember forever? Hawaii is the ideal location for a romantic sunset, beach, or waterfall wedding – and you CAN live your dream, as long as you plan in advance and choose a company that can help simplify your life. Learn more about our wedding packages for your wedding!