At Hawaii Weddings, we know that many couples who choose the islands as their wedding destination invite family and friends who may have met a time or two, or who may not have met at all. How can you bring your guests closer together in a way that is fun and unique? As providers of beautiful, memorable, and romantic beach and waterfall weddings, we have a few ideas we believe you will find helpful!

Consider hosting a welcome cocktail reception. Most of the guests who attend your wedding will likely arrive the day before your wedding, so make the evening special. Nothing fancy or expensive, simply gather around the pool at a local resort, or plan a beach party complete with cocktails and finger foods.

How about a group class? Perhaps a yoga session on the beach or even dancing lessons, painting, or any other activity that would be fun and a great release for all of the guests involved. Above all, make it fun and entertaining!

Planning a beach wedding? Snorkeling is an amazing group activity, and makes it possible for all of your wedding guests to enjoy an underwater world that is far different from the one above the water. Gorgeous reefs, fish and other sea life, a great way for your guests to enjoy their tropical getaway.

If you don’t mind splitting your guests up into smaller groups, consider a golf or spa day. No doubt many of the men are avid golf enthusiasts, and what woman doesn’t love to be pampered at a spa? These activities may be better saved for the day after the wedding, when everyone’s trying to recover from the big celebration and parties.

Participate in a zipline tour. Sound a bit frightening? Ziplining high in the air above the treetops is actually fun and exhilarating – and it’s completely safe. What better way for your guests to become acquainted than through sharing their experiences as they zip from one canopy bridge to the next? Exciting, challenging, an activity your guests will be talking about for some time to come.

There are lots of ways to bring your wedding guests together so they can get to know one another better, become more comfortable, and truly enjoy your Hawaii destination wedding. With a little creativity and help from a few of your closest friends, the days surrounding your wedding will turn out to be the trip of a lifetime for all of your favorite people! Trust us… we plan the best destination weddings in Hawaii!