Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about getting married in Hawaii.

Q: What island are you located on?
We are on the beautiful island of Oahu. The most important thing is that you make your travel plans to fly into Honolulu International Airport. That’s airport code HNL. We do have a travel expert available if you would like assistance with your travel plans.
Q: How far in advance should we reserve the date?
Most of our couples book 4-8 months in advance. We have weddings more than a year away and have booked weddings in the morning for the same afternoon. So it varies quite a bit. Some couples plan their Hawaiian Honeymoon/Vacation around the wedding date they choose. Other couples decided to throw in the wedding spontaneously with a trip they already have planned. Our advice is to go ahead and reserve the date as soon as you have one picked.
Q: What’s the first step to booking my wedding?
The first step is deciding when you want to come to Hawaii. If you have a week in mind you can call us or email us for availability and ask any questions you might have. We will bounce ideas around and come up with the best day, time, and location for your dream Hawaii wedding.
Q: What happens if it rains?
Rain here on the islands is considered a “Hawaiian Blessing.” We usually experience brief, passing showers and just wait a few minutes for the clouds to pass. You might even get a rainbow! If the weather looks more serious, we can change your wedding plan to the next day or a different location. We are very flexible.
Q: How do we get our Hawaii marriage license?
All that is required is a photo ID and $65 paid to the State of Hawaii.  You can get a head start on the process by applying online at marriage.ehawaii.govOnce you come to Hawaii you must go to the Hawaii State Dept. of Health located at 1250 Punchbowl Street in Downtown Honolulu with your photo ID to pick up your marriage license. They are open 8am-4pm Monday-Friday. If you are unable to go during their regular office hours don’t panic. You can arrange to meet with an agent after hours or on the weekend. 
Q: Who do we list as our marriage performer?
Please put “Welfeld, Howard” down as your performer. If any of our other ministers marry you, we will revise your license before filing with the State of Hawaii.
Q: What’s the closest hotel?
One of the things we love about our locations is there actually aren’t any hotels or resorts close by. That eliminates a lot of tourists on the beach. Waikiki, where most of the resorts are located, is a 19mile drive away on one of the most gorgeous stretches of coastal highway in the world. There are vacation rentals available closer to our locations in Kailua or Waimanalo. The absolute farthest away you can be on our small island is only an hour drive.
Q: Where do we go for hair & makeup?
The artist provides the service at your Waikiki lodging location! Couples staying outside this region may incur a travel fee of $100.
Q: Do we need to send photos of bridal hair and makeup?
Our stylists are very in touch with what’s current in bridal hair and makeup and especially hair and makeup for photography. If you see a photo you like of great makeup or amazing hair please send it by email to our office and we will pass it along to our stylists. If you don’t have a clear vision for your BIG day, don’t worry, our team will have some great ideas to complement your face shape and hair texture as well as your wedding dress. Please vocalize your thoughts during your day-of consultation. Trust me, our stylists are great listeners!!
Q: Can we send you a bouquet photo? Are flowers available for the bridal party and guests of honor?

We have many beautiful bouquets on our website but you are welcome to send us a photo you might have found on Pinterest or Instagram. Our floral team is extremely talented and can replicate nearly any style. The price of your bridal bouquet will depend on the style or shape of the bouquet.

We always coordinate the flowers for your event to match the bridal bouquet. Everything from bridesmaid bouquets, wrist corsages, boutonnieres, Hawaiian leis, and other flowers are available and can be custom designed to match the bridal bouquet. Synchronizing the flowers really pulls together.

Q: What’s the General Wedding Day Timeline?

The general timeline will be… (depending on the location you choose and the best lighting for photography):
9:30am Hair and makeup at your hotel (if we are doing more than one person we will simply start earlier)
12pm: Couple departs for the wedding location
12:45 Arrive and Change into Wedding Attire
1pm-3pm Photo and Video Session
3pm Guests Arrive – Group/Family Photos
3:30 Ceremony
4:30 Wrap up
Start Honeymooning!!

We usually recommend doing photos/video prior to the ceremony. Our experience has been over the years that everyone looks fresher in their photos. It also takes a lot of pressure off guest arriving and getting in place at an exact time while the bride and groom wait and get nervous. We do honor that romantic moment when the groom sees the bride in her dress with the photographer and videographer there to get the big reveal shot.

Q: Is there a rehearsal?
Capt. Howie has been doing weddings for 35 years, we have such a talented and experienced team that will guide everyone through the fun process of photos and the wedding ceremony. That being said, rehearsals are typically not necessary. If you would like to have a mini rehearsal with your own group please do. Of course, we are happy to meet with you if that makes everyone more comfortable (additional fees apply).
Q: We do not want to write our own vows, but what shall we be expected to say?

You will be in a very manageable “repeat after me” situation.
“I Tim, accept you, Rio, as my wedded wife.
I promise to always love you,
to remain faithful to you, and
I promise to embrace every opportunity that life presents to strengthen and expand my love.
And I Rio, accept you, Tim, as my wedded husband.
I promise to always love you,
to remain faithful to you, and
I promise to embrace every opportunity that life presents to strengthen and expand my love.”

Q: What is the turnaround time for photos and video?
Our usual turn around time is about two weeks. Your wedding images and edited videos will be provided via digital download. We host the files for four weeks after they are received to allow plenty of time for you, your friends and family to download the files.
Q: Can I “Trash the Dress?”
Absolutely! We want to know about your photo requests. Please share your ideas with us. If you do plan on getting completely wet, it’s a good idea to bring a yard size trash bag for your dress and towels for you.
Q: Will there be any music accompaniment?
Our Hawaiian musician is available to play Hawaiian slack key guitar and sing Hawaii’s most romantic songs. Some couples bring a play list and a blu-tooth speaker for a personalized soundtrack. You should also provide music for our videographer to use on your wedding video.
Q: Do you have a steamer?

We do not have a steamer; however, we do offer steaming services. The cost for wedding dresses is $175 and tuxedo/suits are $125. This cost covers pickup and delivery. Prices subject to change.

Q: Are we allowed to bring champagne to celebrate?

Pukalani Falls Garden is alcohol-free. We will definitely be up for popping some bottles of sparkling cider : )

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