Planning on getting married in Hawaii? There are certain factors you should take into consideration when planning your wedding. At Hawaii Weddings, we understand why couples choose to unite in our gorgeous state where temperatures are nice year-round. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure your wedding is the ideal, perfect occasion you have always dreamed of.

First, keep the weather in mind. While the majority of the year offers sunny weather and nice temperatures, there are occasions on which it may be hot, humid, or raining. Summer months are usually the most humid, while spring and fall may bring more rain, although showers are typically more common in the Windward sections and over the mountains, and are usually short-lived. On the bright side, beautiful rainbows are very common in Hawaii!

Ceremonies are usually brief. There are hundreds of beaches scattered about Oahu, and most are crowded with residents and tourists year-round. Finding a beach that is truly “secluded” may be difficult, and many people prefer a wedding at sunsetBook early to secure a minister, and request recommendations so that your aren’t disappointed on your wedding day. Also keep in mind that the sun sets in the West, so a sunset wedding is not possible from every beach on the island. Here is a link to a chartthat will help you determine the best beaches for a beautiful sunset.

Traffic and holidays. Considering the population and number of registered vehicles in Oahu, parking and traffic can be problematic. Head toward your destination early, and check out the preferred location of your wedding ahead of time. It’s also important to keep holidays in mind, as at these times traffic is even worse, and you may find it difficult to plan a wedding for Valentine’s Day considering it is the most popular date for weddings. Another popular wedding holiday is New Year’s Eve, so keep that in mind. In some cases, if you’re intending to have a large wedding that includes many guests, finding lodging may be difficult around certain holidays. The solution? Book well in advance of your wedding day.

At Hawaii Weddings, we understand why so many couples choose to become one in our gorgeous state with its beautiful beaches, amazing waterfalls, spectacular sunsets, and tropical weather. However, it’s important to plan far in advance so that your wedding day is just as you expected! Give us a call today, and experience the wedding of your dreams.