Most couples who choose a Hawaii destination wedding don’t have money to burn. At Hawaii Weddings, we realize it is the dream of many couples to “tie the knot” in Oahu, Maui, or other beautiful Hawaii locations. As wedding planners offering a wide array of packages to suit any budget, we admit we aren’t financial experts – but we do want to help you experience the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, without facing financial issues because of the wedding location you chose. Here are a few tips we hope will help you enjoy the most special day of your life, without budget issues.

Discuss budget and financial matters. Many couples live “in the moment,” thinking they’ll worry about finances after they’re married. While it may be a little uncomfortable, talk about your finances and budget plans now. Money problems are the root of many divorces, and you want to begin your life together on solid ground! By talking about money now, you can avoid awkward discussions after you become Mr. & Mrs.

Be prepared. Build an emergency fund for unexpected situations such as a medical emergency, loss of a job, or even purchasing a new refrigerator should yours need replacing. By putting away three to six months’ worth of your total monthly living expenses, your bank account won’t take a huge hit should anything unexpected arise.

Separate or joint bank account? Why not both? You can combine all of your money as many couples do, choose to maintain separate bank accounts, or a mixture of both – whatever suits you, as a couple, best. You have the option of sharing all of the expenses equally, or one spouse paying specific bills, while the other pays for other bills. Another option is to combine your finances, but determine a certain amount each spouse has each month to spend as he/she wants.

Plan ahead. Sure, getting married in Hawaii is the most exciting time of your life, a celebration you’ll remember forever and cherish. Still, it’s important to plan for the future if you intend to go to college, take a trip abroad, or even purchase a home. While you may not intend to do anything that involves a substantial amount of money in the immediate future, planning for two years or even five years down the road can help you avoid financial – and marital – issues.

At Hawaii Weddings, we want your day to be as romantic, fun, and exciting as you have always envisioned – but we also want your union to last throughout the rest of your lives. If you’re planning an Oahu or Maui destination wedding, we provide a wide variety of packages and amenities customized to your unique needs, regardless of your budget.