At Hawaii Weddings, we know that all couples are unique, and that applies to the style of wedding each desires as well. Your wedding day is one that you should remember with fondness for the rest of your life, one of those memories you cherish most. Not all couples want a traditional church wedding, which is why so many make Hawaii their wedding destination! So, what is your “wedding style?” We have a few tips that will help you and your partner answer this question.

Today, creative inspiration overload can be a real problem, giving all of the online sites that spot the latest trends and share the news via social media. Making a decision can be tough, and you want your special day to be perfect. How can you easily determine the perfect wedding style for your Hawaii beach or waterfallwedding? The answer is simple – choose three words that describe you and your partner as a couple. If you find this difficult, it’s almost certain that friends or family members won’t have any problems finding three words that describe the two of you together, as a couple!

Here are a few examples to show you what we mean.

Would the two of you be described as spirited, unconventional, and free-thinking? A Boho style wedding may be the perfect choice for you.

Are you both hard-working individuals who are creative or thrifty? A DIY approach may be the right choice. Create your own simple centerpiece for the reception table, make your own wedding cake, or even design a simple bride’s bouquet. There are lots of ways to put your own creativity to work in your wedding, without spending a fortune!

Would friends/family describe the two of you as relaxed, laid-back, and natural? A Hawaiian beach wedding is the most laid-back style of all, and it’s certainly relaxed! Your wedding can be as simple, natural, and comfortable as you like, without all of the pretense often found in a traditional wedding.

Passionate, caring, and affectionate are three words that describe a couple who would likely love a waterfall wedding; after all, what could be more romantic? With lush, enchanting gardens surrounding the wedding party and the sounds of trickling water, nothing is more seducing or romantic.

It’s your wedding, what style sounds most like you? Of course these are just a few examples to help you get inspired. At Hawaii Weddings, we provide Hawaii destination weddings that are truly like no other. When it comes to your wedding day, never settle!