Because Maui is a favorite amongst those planning Hawaii destination weddings, couples usually find getting married on the island is easier and less stressful, largely due to access to many great services and professionals who have assisted hundreds or even thousands of couples over the years. If you’re planning a Maui wedding, we have a few tips we think you will appreciate.

Drive safely and sober. Because Maui has many winding, dangerous roads that most guests won’t be familiar with, it’s important to be extremely careful. Laws regarding drinking and driving are very strict, and considering most brides, grooms, and guests partake in a few adult beverages both the day before and the day of the wedding, you certainly don’t want any catastrophes. Consider a car service, shuttle, or other transportation if hotel accommodations are a substantial distance away from the area where your wedding will take place.

Keep your budget in mind. Certainly, every bride and groom would love to have a bottomless budget with no restrictions, but this just isn’t typically the case in real life. Understand that realistically, you may not be able to afford everything you would like. In many cases there are more budget-friendly alternatives to the original, however your wedding planner can assist you with possible alternatives. Be realistic regarding how much you can spend from the start, and your wedding day can be stress-free.

Be comfortable. Maui offers a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere you should take advantage of – and that means it’s perfectly fine to wear sandals or flip flops instead of spiked heels for your wedding. If you insist on wearing heels or other uncomfortable shoes, be sure to break them in early! The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be in pain.

Keep your sense of humor no matter what. Because you are getting married in Maui doesn’t mean things will go perfect, without a hitch. Along the way, something will not go exactly as you had planned, so keep your spirits high and realize that when you least expect it, something may go wrong. Don’t we all have those friends or family members who are bound to do something crazy? Have a sense of humor.

Be respectful to Maui’s beaches and environment. Remove debris after the wedding, and remember that on public beaches, anyone has the right to enjoy – you cannot have an area of the beach roped off for your wedding. In addition, you may want to consider sparkling cider for your celebration, as alcohol is not allowed at public parks or beaches in Maui.

Whether you’re having a beachwaterfall, or sunset wedding, no place on earth is more beautiful or relaxing than Maui, a Hawaii wedding destination of choice for thousands of couples every year. Contact Hawaii Weddings today for more tips, and to learn about our wide array of wedding packages.