Weddings in Hawaii have long been a dream of many couples, however even having your dream come true isn’t mistake-proof. The months before your wedding are some of the busiest in your life, and mistakes could end up making your wedding day not so memorable. At Hawaii Weddings, we have a few tips to help you avoid potentially disastrous mistakes!

Don’t be pressured into letting friends or amateurs take care of music, photography, etc. You may feel guilty for not letting your cousin play the violin, or your Aunt Betty take all of the wedding pictures – but it’s your wedding! If perfection isn’t a worry and you won’t mind if there are a few awkward gaps, go ahead – but be sure that your choices won’t ultimately make you unhappy with your decision.

Failing to develop a timeline. When it comes to your wedding day, it is essential to develop a timeline. Having one that’s unrealistic or none at all can end in disaster! Keep in mind that on the day you plan to marry, it’s impossible to “catch up” if you fall behind in schedule. You don’t want to feel rushed or panicked, which is exactly what will happen if you don’t allow ample time for everything, and add in a few moments along the way so that you can relax and enjoy your special day.

It’s impossible to please everyone who attends. No doubt your family members, friends, or even co-workers will have plenty of advice. While they are trying to be helpful, you cannot make everyone happy. It will wear you out. Be sure your friends and family will provide all kinds of advice on what they would do if they were planning Hawaii destination weddings – listen to their suggestions, but stick to your guns on issues that are not negotiable. It is the most important day of your life, so it should be done YOUR way.

Lounging on the beach all day the day before your wedding. Sure, glowing skin will make you look radiant in your wedding dress – but baking on the beach without a 30 SPF or higher sunscreen is not a good idea. Because the climate is so tropical in Hawaii, it’s easy to take on the look of a lobster before you know it. While a little color is good, boiled red is not a good look in your wedding dress, or in the dozens of photos that are sure to be taken.

You want your day to be perfect, so keep these tips in mind. At Hawaii Weddings, we provide the most beautiful, exquisite, and romantic beach and waterfall weddings you could ever imagine. Let us help with the planning, and enjoy a magical day without fear of disaster.