For many brides-to-be and their grooms, having a beach wedding in Hawaii or getting married at sea is a dream – but you want every aspect of your special day to be as eco-friendly as possible. Today, most people are very aware of the condition of our environment – and the fact that each and every one of us must take steps to reduce our carbon footprint for the future of our young loved ones. So, how can you plan a destination wedding that’s eco-friendly? We have a few suggestions.

When it comes to centerpieces and your bouquet, think local. Buying local or even foraging the roadside or fields are a great way to get natural flowers and greenery – and you’ll save a bundle! If you have to purchase flowers, get them from local farms or the farmers’ markets.

Avoid renting decor, and buy items you’ll use again yourself or give to friends. From candlesticks to napkins you make yourself, think of ways you can decorate with items you’ll use after you’re married, or those you can gift to friends and family.

What’s on the menu? When it comes to your wedding or rehearsal dinner, why not choose foods that are sourced locally? Farm-to-table has become extremely popular; local caterers can create a menu using vendors or farms that have foods that are grown or raised locally. A delicious meal that’s in season!

Why use paper? Given that it’s so easy to create a website today, you can make all of the information pertaining to your wedding available online, rather than sending out registry information, maps, etc. If you must send out maps and other paper items, be sure to use 100% post-consumer recycled options. Instead of handing out a program to every person who attends your wedding, why not create a large menu everyone can easily view at the reception? This keeps everyone “in the know” without the need for hundreds of pieces of paper.

Buy a dress for your wedding shower/rehearsal you’ll wear in the future. Why spend hundreds on a dress you’ll wear only once? Choose a dress for your shower and/or rehearsal you’ll wear in the future to holiday parties or other events.

There are lots of ways you can make your Hawaii destination wedding more friendly for the environment, without sacrificing your special day. Pick a beautiful dinner centerpiece you can plant after the wedding, have a catering company who will agree to compost and recycle waste. At Hawaii Weddings, we want to make the most memorable day of your life even more special!Contact us for all of your Hawaii wedding package and planning needs.