Thank you so much for the most incredible ceremony of a lifetime! Being married on the Love Boat was something we had envisioned and you made such a vision come true. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime and something which will stay with us forever.

Wade, your makeup and hair artist, was so gracious and extremely talented – I looked like a model on a New York runway. He helped me relax and enjoy the experience. Wade is beyond an artist and belongs on the New York runway as a makeup artist.

The photographer was beyond professional and exceeded our wildest dreams. The photographer took special time and effort to make the poses as picturesque as possible. His attention to detail resulted in excellent photographs of our wedding. We were extremely pleased with his abilities to make stars of us both on our wedding day.

Further, Captain Howie, a minister with respect conducted the ceremony with great intimacy. His sermon was sacred and powerful – we were swept away. Captain Howie told us of weathering storms together and how it was important to look for love and even deeper to our spirituality coupled with the connection to God. We both thank you for that powerful message – our commitment is spiritual and everlasting.

Additionally, we appreciate the extra company of his wife and Capt. Paul besides the beautiful light show of the evening sky at sunset.

Thank you for such loving memories which will last us forever!

With Love,
Tony & Daniella