Aloha from Ohio,

Donna and I were engaged on New Year’s Eve 2013, obviously an exciting time for us.  We knew right away we wanted to have a Hawaii destination wedding. Being the researcher that I am, I began to scour the Internet for possible locations that would be perfect. Mexico, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, there were lots of options! Hawaii became the obvious choice, but there are many choices in Hawaii as well!

Then one day, I ran across a video of Capt. Howie. I was immediately captured.  I shared the video with Donna and she too was intrigued. I spent that afternoon exploring Above Heaven’s Gate’s web site and read many reviews and testimonials. By the end of the day, we had decided to make a call to Hawaii

My first contact with Above Heaven’s Gate was with Sara. She was extremely friendly and very professional. She was knowledgeable about what to do and was very helpful with many suggestions about how to handle coming to Hawaii to get married. That first conversation was in late February 2013, and we set our wedding date for 20 January 2014.

Over the next several months, we made many plans and reservations – hotels, flights, marriage license, etc. At any time during that process, if I emailed or called Above Heaven’s Gate with a question or a concern, either Sara or Jodi answered back promptly. They were always a pleasure to work with and always had the answers.

We thought getting the marriage license would be tricky because we were arriving on a Friday night, of a holiday weekend, and the ceremony was on Monday. The gals at Above Heaven’s Gate had the connections. They arranged for us to meet with a licensing agent, shortly after arriving. It all went without a hitch (other than the fact that we had been up for nearly 24 hours and were a bit tired, but we were in Hawaii!)

The day before the ceremony we went exploring on the Eastern side of Oahu to scope out the location of the wedding. I called Capt. Howie to check in and told him we were in his neighborhood.  He invited us to “come on by”! We had a very good visit and learned more about him and how he got to this place in his life. It started to rain a bit while we were there, but Capt. Howie said “don’t worry… the weather will change”. Being from Ohio, weather is always a big deal – especially if you want to do something outside.

The next day, “THE” day, was absolute perfection.  Donna’s stylist, Wade, was a great artist.  She looked stunning!  The photographer, Fernando, and the videographer, Marty, are an exceptional team.  They spent a lot of time with us to make everything perfect. When Fernando shared some of the shots on his camera, we couldn’t believe it was us!

Then, there’s Capt. Howie.  He is a man of strong faith and speaks directly from the heart.  From our talks and through the ceremony he was very positive and nonjudgmental.  We picked the right man for the job!

Above Heaven’s Gate was a great choice for us.  I would HIGHLY recommend Capt. Howie and his team to anyone looking to have a memorable experience that won’t be just another Hawaiian wedding!

Lee & Donna Scott
Married January 20th 2014