Where do we begin with the thank you list to you and Captain Howie? We will never be able to compensate you for all the hard work you contributed so that we could relax and enjoy our wedding day. You made the planning and the actual date run so smooth. Hiring you and Captain Howie was the best wedding decision ever. Your services were invaluable to us. Everyone did a spectacular job ( hair, makeup, assistance getting dressed, limo service and much much more. I sent you pictures of flower asking that I have these flowers on my wedding day. You made that dream a reality. When it rained you came running out with an umbrella to cover us. Our expectations were exceeded by far. We really appreciate all that you have done for us. If our wedding day is an indication of how our marriage will be, I have nothing to worry about. Thank you again, Jodi and staff. We will always remember your professionalism and kindness.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith – married 6/28/16
( lol I’m a wife now )

Evette Smith