Aloha Everyone!

We have so much to say thank you for, it would most likely fill a book! First off, thank you for making our special day that much more meaningful; being that we didn’t have any family or friends there, you all felt like family to us and it warms my heart to know that, even on the other side of the world, there are people who are willing to make others feel at home.

Our day started off kind of upsetting as we didn’t have anyone there with us to witness our ceremony, but that all changed the moment we were welcomed at the gate by the warmest smile and kindest heart, Wade. It just put all the things we were upset about in the past and we knew our day was going to be amazing. Walking through your gates, Howie, was absolutely breathtaking! We have never seen a place so beautiful and serene. We will never forget what Pukalani Falls Garden looks like because it is a permanent video in our minds.

Wade did an amazing job with my hair and makeup. With no trials or anything, he knew exactly how to make me look stunning. I can’t even make myself look that good! I felt like I had known him forever and his company made me feel at peace.

Sara, even though we didn’t get to meet you, we want to say thank you. Thank you for organizing everything. You did everything perfectly and we couldn’t have been happier. My flowers were better than what I ever imagined and I still can’t get the smell of the pikake flower out of my senses; they were heavenly!

Our photographer and videographer were amazing and our photos and video… wow, they are amazing! We were speechless when they arrived the other day! I (Jade) must admit, I cried and cried. They are beyond brilliant! Marty and Piloni are both extremely talented and we are so pleased they captured our day.

The moment we met you, Howie, it felt like you were a family member! You have a spirit that just draws people in and warms their souls. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! You are a one-of-a-kind soul, and also cheeky. Our ceremony was perfect and when you spoke it felt like someone was wrapping a warm soft blanket around our shoulders and protecting us from all the upsetting things going on in our family and in the world.

Your home is honestly unbelievable! I never knew homes that beautiful existed, but they do and you have created your own heaven. Howie, I want you to know how special you are; you didn’t only marry my soul mate and me, you gave me a new sense of being, the way you spoke made my heart and soul feel pure again. I left your home feeling completely whole.

There is no way to thank you all enough!  We love you all

Lots of love from Jade and Andrew Kemp
Married Aug. 23rd 2014