Dear Capt. Howie,

I would just like you, and couples who are thinking about getting married in Hawaii, to know that our experience could not have been more special and meaningful.  We were looking for a place to get married away from our busy lifestyles. During our wedding, we felt isolated from the rest of the world.

Captain Howie more than met our expectations of keeping God as the focus of our commitment to one another and set this intention in motion for the rest of our lives. My husband and I were moved to tears during our vows, and you should know that we don’t cry easily. Our wedding on the beach at Angels Bay was beautiful and bountiful of love.

Thank you, Captain Howie! We love you and are thankful for your willingness to serve God in the way that you do.

Love and appreciation to you,

Jim and Crystal Amaral

Married Jan. 3rd, 2014