Pete and I were seeking a simple, intimate, and anything but “traditional” marriage ceremony. Being business owners we can be limited on time as well as flexibility with long range planning. We did have a vision to travel to a tropical and peaceful place but lacked confidence on an actual destination. I wanted beauty, but couldn’t decide between a beach and sand or a waterfall. Very shortly into my Internet search, I located “Hawaii Weddings”. Based on the extremely well laid-out and informative website, it took only a few minutes to identify this location and its team as the ultimate and most perfect destination. I instantly had an overwhelming sense that I found the most beautiful and peaceful destination ever imagined. I no longer had to choose between a waterfall or a beach because here, you literally have it all! Captain Howie and his awesome team of associates not only met our expectations, they exceeded by far on every possible detail.

I absolutely loved the informational video posted on the website: “we are not for everyone”, and I learned that this was so true. If you are searching for beautiful, peaceful, uniquely memorable and divinely spiritual — this is your destination!

Pete and Melinda Brewis

Married Oct. 25th 2014

South Lyon, Michigan