At Hawaii Weddings, we know that beach weddings are drastically different from traditional church weddings. Most couples who desire a beach wedding at Angels Bay (also know as Waimanalo Beach) are looking for a more casual setting, one that’s relaxing and filled with the pleasures only the beach has to offer, such as brilliant turquoise water, magnificent sunsets, and a relaxing environment only Mother Nature can provide.

When it comes to weddings on one of the many beaches of Hawaii, few compare to the classic beauty of Angels Bay in terms of intimacy and beauty. As one of the most trusted destination wedding providers, we thought we would share a few tips to help make your beach wedding a huge success, both for you and your guests!

First of all, prepare your guests. Most who attend traditional weddings are used to an indoor environment, much different than an outdoor beach wedding. You may want to provide your guests with flip-flops or other footwear appropriate for the beach, or tell them to bring some sandals along. A soft-bristled paint brush is the perfect way for guests to remove excess sand from their feet/sandals.

Sunglasses, visors, and hats are a must when having an Angels Bay beach wedding. You don’t want your guests (or yourself) to end up with red, squinty, irritated eyes, so be sure to bring the sunglasses or hats along!

Be prepared for whatever the weather may bring. Whether it gets windy or a shower pops up unexpectedly, it’s good for guests to be prepared. Depending on the time of year, remind your guests to bring along a wrap or shawl; if your wedding will be during summer months, provide plenty of cold drinks and paper fans. In addition, be sure to have a back-up plan should it rain, such as an indoor shelter or large tent.

If you intend to have a large wedding, provide seating. If yours will be a more intimate affair with just a few guests, they can gather around you and your spouse-to-be for the brief ceremony. We are happy to provide linen covered chairs with a colored bow sash for an additional cost.

Angels Bay is such a picturesque setting there’s really no need for decor, but if you prefer a focal point, consider a bamboo wedding arch. Considering the beauty of the ocean, mountains, ironwood forest and offshore islands surrounding you, what is there to add that could make your wedding any more spectacular?

Additionally, if you intend to spend your honeymoon on Waimanalo Beach or if some of your guests want to enjoy a short vacation following your wedding, there are several vacation rentals along the beach from romantic cottages nestled in the lush tropical garden to beach homes with oceanfront decks.

Ultimately, give every detail of your wedding considerable thought, and search online for more tips to help ensure you and your guests enjoy a magnificent getaway when you choose an Angels Bay beach wedding in Hawaii.