Your wedding day is to be treasured forever, so it should be memorable and unique. Thousands of couples come to Hawaii to get married each year, and for many reasons, some of which we’ll mention below. Is a Hawaiian paradise wedding for you? Answer after learning the top reasons for Hawaii destination weddings!

It’s just easier. Planning a traditional wedding takes an incredible amount of time, work, and effort – not to mention how stressful it is. How many couples have married in the church you are considering? Shouldn’t your wedding be different? When you decide on an Oahu or Maui wedding, the stress literally disappears, as your whole day is brought seamlessly together by professionals who understand how special this day is.

The cost savings is enormous. While you will still choose from various packages that become more expensive depending on the services you choose (photos, music, wedding cake, videography, etc.), a Hawaiian wedding is still far less costly than most traditional weddings, which can cost tens of thousands by the time all is said and done!

Enjoy your honeymoon without traveling to another location. With most traditional weddings, the couple leaves for their honeymoon soon after the wedding and reception, often traveling thousands of miles. When you get married in Hawaii, you’re already in the most romantic location in the world to honeymoon! Breath-taking waterfalls, beautiful beaches, lots of fun activities, fine dining – get married, then stay put for a week or so of relaxing in tropical surroundings.

You’re giving your family and guests a memorable experience. Those who attend your wedding will be treated to a break away from their everyday lives – and who wouldn’t want to visit Hawaii for a few days? Giving your family and loved ones a little taste of paradise is something they will always cherish.

There are countless reasons for choosing a Hawaii destination wedding, so what are you waiting for? Forget all of the stress and hassle, and head for a destination where the weather is warm and tropical, the water mesmerizing. At Hawaii Weddings, we make your special day what it should be – one that you will remember fondly and cherish for the rest of your lives.